June 7, 2023

BoucherCon 2023, see you soon

I’ve met a lot of great writers and editors online, but in-person meetups are still relatively rare
for me. A full-time job keeps me tethered to the house, and when I do have a free weekend, I
like to, well, write.

But I recently attended my first mystery convention, Malice Domestic, and met Sara Henry, the
editor from Crooked Lane Books who accepted my novel, as well as Michael Bracken, who has
been kind enough to accept a few my short stories. Both Sara and Michael are excellent writers
as well as editors.

Standing around the hotel bar allowed me to strike up new relationships, and this is the funny
thing about mystery writers. We obsess over how to kill people, what to do with the bodies and
how you can get away with it, but in person, we are the nicest people you ever want to meet.

I’m talking about Dana King, Karen Odden and Dale T. Phillips, to name three, but there are

This has led me to register for Boucher Con, the world mystery convention being held this year
in San Diego. Look for a few dozen posts around late August/early September. I can’t wait to
meet more of my heroes in person.

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